Meet Carly | Carly Hope

Meet Carly

Carly Hope, the sales angel

Hi, I am Carly it’s so good to see you here.

I am here to give you the full juice on how you can sell with soul….

I am making it my life’s mission to get more women selling in the most authentic way possible.

Until now sales has been given a hard time.

It hasn’t been cool, it hasn’t been spiritual, and it hasn’t been easy.

But we are about to change all of that!

I believe that learning to sell will help you throw back the rule book on what you can expect in life…. it’s a fast track miracle maker!

I have a gift for helping women get past this big thing called FEAR around sales… to get into their flow and fall in love with selling in their business.

I believe that when we take sales and marketing, add a whole lot of fun, integrity and just be ourselves we can find an easy way to do business.

The best thing is that this way of selling is powerful beyond our wildest imaginations.

It will bring in money, help you speak your truth, raise your frequency, and change your life!


Selling With Soul FREE 3-Part Video Training

selling-with-soul-video-montageLearn how to: lead a sales call from the heart, make a compelling offer & overcome money objections

Professional Bio

CH-logo-center-webCarly Hope is known as “the sales angel” after supporting hundreds of women to get past their fear of selling and learn to sell with soul.

She enjoyed a successful career in the banking industry as a manager and sales trainer before working within the recruitment industry.

Today Carly has a global coaching business where she supports women to take quantum leaps in their business through learning to sell.

Carly’s sales training is authentic and heart centred whilst remaining highly practical and easy to integrate. It’s for this reason that her clients get such great results.

Carly has hosted several virtual and live international events and is a featured speaker at many women’s events in the UK. She was recently featured in Cosmopolitan Online, and is currently writing her first book.

When Carly is not coaching, she enjoys spending time with her family and fulfilling her favourite role in life as mother to her son, William.