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Feb 11

What it really takes to sell VIP coaching days.

What it really takes to sell VIP coaching days.

What it really takes to sell VIP coaching days. 21 lessons that will allow you to finally have the confidence to create, sell and deliver VIP experiences to your clients Hi there, My name is Carly Hope. In 2011 when I started my coaching business I was undercharging and over delivering. I had no time to myself, no time to restore and refresh after each client and I was exhausted! I dreamed of working with highly committed and invested clients on VIP days that allowed us to do

Jan 31

I Am The Comeback Queen

Did you know I had been away? Well I have. It has been way over 6 months since my last newsletter, which wasn’t actually a newsletter but an invitation to have a cup of tea and listen to some music, my aim was to save your inbox from a blog (mine) that wasn’t written from the heart. Turns out it was my most popular newsletter ever, it would seem we all love a good cup of tea. The tea invite came after a year of working hard and

Jan 2

Run to the Sun….Memoirs of a Year by the Ocean

The end of year, a time for reflection, a time for memoirs, a time for gratitude. I remember so clearly New Years Eve 2012, full to the brim with excitement that the world hadn’t ended and with a belly full of arms and legs I went to bed at 9.30pm. I reflected on all that 2012 had brought to me, and made clear intentions for 2013. A year for birthing babies, ideas and abundance. I had just launched my new website, I had a diary full of coaching

Oct 28


in 2007 I went to India, some of you have may heard me talk about this amazing experience. I went to study with Sue Knight author of NLP at work.   In many ways this book saved me…..   I had been working as a Manager for Barclays bank and through them had enrolled with Nottingham University to do a BA honours degree in leadership.   I was struggling with writing for the course, every time I sat at my laptop I felt more like Carrie Bradshaw than any