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Feb 11

What it really takes to sell VIP coaching days.

What it really takes to sell VIP coaching days.

What it really takes to sell VIP coaching days. 21 lessons that will allow you to finally have the confidence to create, sell and deliver VIP experiences to your clients Hi there, My name is Carly Hope. In 2011 when I started my coaching business I was undercharging and over delivering. I had no time to myself, no time to restore and refresh after each client and I was exhausted! I dreamed of working with highly committed and invested clients on VIP days that allowed us to do

Jan 31

I Am The Comeback Queen

Did you know I had been away? Well I have. It has been way over 6 months since my last newsletter, which wasn’t actually a newsletter but an invitation to have a cup of tea and listen to some music, my aim was to save your inbox from a blog (mine) that wasn’t written from the heart. Turns out it was my most popular newsletter ever, it would seem we all love a good cup of tea. The tea invite came after a year of working hard and

Apr 7

Confessions of a Mother in Business

When William was about Rosa’s age (10 months) a friend said to me “it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do isn’t it?” and I remember thinking is it? William was such a good flexible baby he fitted so well into our lives that I can’t say I ever really found the shift into motherhood very hard. Roll on 4 years and we have 2 kids, 3 businesses, a cleaner, a nanny, a gardener, a whole freaking entourage to help and I would whole heartedly agree it is the

Apr 4

Coaching Versus New handbags – the on going debate!

Often clients ask me how they can make sure that they are not manipulating their clients into saying YES when they are selling to them and when they are helping them work past any objections. On a sales call we want to be powerful and guide our clients, but we want our clients to want to work with us, for decisions to be easy and for our sales calls to be graceful. Well here is the thing……most will be…….but some won’t You see when we are selling coaching/therapy/training