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Jan 31

I Am The Comeback Queen

Did you know I had been away?

Well I have.

It has been way over 6 months since my last newsletter, which wasn’t actually a newsletter but an invitation to have a cup of tea and listen to some music, my aim was to save your inbox from a blog (mine) that wasn’t written from the heart. Turns out it was my most popular newsletter ever, it would seem we all love a good cup of tea.

The tea invite came after a year of working hard and keeping all the pieces spinning I had 2 young kids a house and a business to run and suddenly it didn’t feel like fun – there is no drama here, no dramatic story of how it was hard for me – I was just lacking a little fun.

So I made a vow to stop doing all the things that didn’t feel like fun and only work in a way that brought me a lot of joy.

After all what is this freedom based business thing all about if your don’t make the rules..

After a while of only doing things that I loved I realised that much of my business wasn’t my own.

I had been following other people’s processes, influenced by other people’s ideas and I had lost some of my essence.

I was also doing things out of FEAR, fear that I would miss out, fear that people would forget me.

So I stood back.

carlyjoy1I did more of what I love and none of what I didn’t.

What happened some would call a miracle.

My business thrived.

But most of all…

…I thrived

In the space of not working (as much) and not doing anything that didn’t feel great I created space for my life.

Time to fill up on pleasure, passions, fun and delights.

Time to stop striving and stretching and to find the beauty that is already all around.

Like any reinvention and transformation it has been both simultaneously gorgeous and crazy, both light and dark.

And now on the other side I can share a little more about what an amazing adventure this has been…

For a long time I had had a really clear idea of what I wanted from my business and my life.

But it had been a long time since I had really explored why I wanted those things, what those desires meant to me and to who I wanted to become.

With the space to explore I could see that some of my money and business growth goals were actually taking me away from the truth of what I really wanted for my life.

I was so busy building my empire that I was overlooking some ways that I can experience utter bliss in my life.

And although in some ways I had created a life where I could work less, I had birthed my workaholic ways in new forms.

My life was filled with thoughts of work, self enquiry, personal development, spiritual development and whilst I wasn’t doing a twelve hour shift in an office I was still working way too hard.

I know feel like I am taking a stand and I hope you will join me.

For women in business, women everywhere.

Women who are working hard on their businesses, hard on themselves.

This is an invitation for more fun, more joy, more connection, more life.


I had to stop, to get off, to rekindle my love for life.

And boy It has been so much fun.

More food, more music, more tv, more novels, more art, more laughter

LESS work

No I am not being romantic about making money – being broke is crap and having cash is amazing.

I am still super excited to help more women design a life they love through selling with style. I am still super excited to create more freedom for myself through creating income streams.


carlyMy goals are also to live a delicious and beautiful life, to make the journey as sweet as the destination.

My clients are getting amazing results, every day they are changing their lives, that might look like a 10k deal and it might look like new lingerie and permission to wear a deep red lipstick, it might mean an early night in or a night out dancing, it is all about loving and living life full out.

So stay tuned for more from me, I just upgraded my whole support team and there is more content to come, expect musings on love, life, cash creation, stylish sales and designing a life that you wholeheartedly love – it is going to be great!!

I am wildly grateful to be on this path,

And I am wildly grateful you are here too.


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