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Oct 28


in 2007 I went to India, some of you have may heard me talk about this amazing experience. I went to study with Sue Knight author of NLP at work.   In many ways this book saved me…..   I had been working as a Manager for Barclays bank and through them had enrolled with Nottingham University to do a BA honours degree in leadership.   I was struggling with writing for the course, every time I sat at my laptop I felt more like Carrie Bradshaw than any

Jul 15

How to truthfully live the dream!

I am telling you the truth today in my blog. I hope it inspires or helps you and I would love to know your thoughts! Yesterday I went to film a video as part of my free VIP day master class promotion. I was so happy! After months of searching for backdrops for my home videos I now have an abundance of natural beauty at every turn. So I got up early and made myself beautiful I blow dried my hair, did my make-up and I felt great. I

Jun 5

Going deep!

So after the birth of my daughter I am in a very deep and personal space of reflection, love and feeling grateful for all that is. My heart is full of love for the simple things in life and I do not have to be reminded to smile out loud every morning. So when I came back to work I started to ponder my message, and it’s not for the first time. Do I really want to teach people how to sell? There seems to be a sea

Apr 9

How Good are you willing to let it get?

I am much more of a speaker than a writer but every now and then a little inspiration happens and I want to share my thoughts. So my thoughts today are around birth…..and what else would they be on? I am in the late stages of pregnancy, it is Spring and like many sheep before me my time to birth is near. I am truly excited to meet my baby, and also truly exciting for the experience of labour. They say that how you do one things is