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Jan 2

Run to the Sun….Memoirs of a Year by the Ocean

The end of year, a time for reflection, a time for memoirs, a time for gratitude.

I remember so clearly New Years Eve 2012, full to the brim with excitement that the world hadn’t ended and with a belly full of arms and legs I went to bed at 9.30pm.

I reflected on all that 2012 had brought to me, and made clear intentions for 2013. A year for birthing babies, ideas and abundance.

I had just launched my new website, I had a diary full of coaching clients and life was good. The only thing I needed to plan was where to birth this baby.

I know that babies communicate with us from inside the womb and this little bear was no different – water was what she wanted –

So off we went like Mary and Joseph before us to find an Inn that would take a previous cesarean birth mama in for a water birth.

We were told fundamentally that this would not happen in today’s national health but I kind of like making the impossible possible and after a very long search we found our midwife.

The pull for water in my life didn’t stop there I had been dreaming of a life near the ocean since I left Spain in 2002.

I had started my business to create freedom, flexibility and the option to travel and the calling was there – it was time to move.

I had been working on a plan to move to Italy for 18 months and for some reason it just didn’t feel like it was flowing. It seemed to have everything going for it, our family lived there, we loved the place but we felt blocked to making it a reality.

One day we sat down and agreed that we would let the dolce vita dream go so that we could make space for a new dream.

Within days we had booked the flights to Lanzarote –

The Ocean was calling me, the birth pool was ready and it all felt like I should pinch myself because dreams were being realised.

I knew I was getting ready to create miracles because either the universe threw me a curve ball, a little test to see if I really wanted this dream or I began to sabotage my own dream.

Within weeks David lost one of his main contracts and most of his income, and then one after another my clients began to drop out or not make their payments.

I was in strange territory because I knew I could make more money if I went to work but I was so pregnant I couldn’t see my toes and so I stayed home.

You can only successfully birth your baby if you are free from fear….it is fear that makes you retreat, it is fear that makes you tense and in turn creates pain.

ju_iXsA2hDMwZ6rKZ7vTs_KPTT9Yeqyk3VSOssUr-LUIt is trust, trust in your body, trust in the divine that will allow your baby to birth with ease.

My business was showing how I needed to birth my baby and my baby was showing me how I needed to handle my business.

So I sat back, enjoyed the spring sun and trusted.

On May 3rd 2013 I birthed a beautiful baby girl. Rosa Florence Josephine Craythorne by VBAC delivery.

8 weeks later we had given away all of the contents of our home (except 8 cases and a rather large Buddha) to charity and we were on the plane headed for the sea.

So after a break in being at work, a huge move and a new baby we needed to support this dream – now it was time to create some money.

My logical mind told me about all of the practical things that I could be doing to build my business and yet the biggest pull came from my heart and so I followed it and I swam in the sea.

Every day we would hit the beach, Rosa in her UV tent, William in his swim shorts and me (when I wasn’t in the UV tent) swimming in the sea.

I found the sea transformational, the feeling of freedom in my body, the view of the sun glistening on top of the water and the powerful and glorious mountains all around.

The more I swam, the more I felt alive, the more I felt alive, the more abundance came to me.

Within 12 days I replaced all of my lost income with new clients who I was so excited to work with.

Things didn’t stop there, my whole business growth for 2013 has been around enjoying life – feeding the feeling of feeling alive, and being in the vortex (the place where the magic happens).

Carly with William

This wasn’t new to me; in fact I had been teaching about energetic frequencies, the law of attraction and letting go to call in your desires for some time…now don’t get me wrong there was plenty of practical action being taken but everything was happening with ease.

But I want to be clear here, the lessons I learnt where not just about how to make money – this is an illusion and one that I had been buying into for some time.

You see before I moved out here, I had been working hard, the green light on my facebook account would be on until late, I was living a life inside my house and I was thirsty to experience a new way of living and I thought earning more money could quench this thirst….but it didn’t.

What I was thirsty for was true abundance, the combination of money with time, physical, emotional health and fun plenty of, I wanted money that didn’t come at a personal sacrifice. I knew that there was not a woman (or even a man) in my family line before me who had achieved the joy of money and time….but I knew it was the legacy that I wanted to pass to my children.

So this was the year that we rebooted life and started to enjoy every moment, to work less, to switch off the laptop and to enjoy the simple things.

I am blessed and grateful to have lived this year, to have moved past fear, to have lived with trust and to have created a life where freedom and fun are just as important as working and money (and we received bags of both too!!)

My lessons have been about letting go, making space and following the ocean.

So what is new for 2014….how can I take my lessons and evolve in an even deeper way?

2014 is all about service for me, service to myself and service to others. I intend to work more on my frequency and look after my body through daily yoga and meditation.

I believe that every women has the right to experience life to the full, to create a life where they can experience (their own version of) swimming in the sea each day, that you can have time to stop and be mindful and that whilst you take time out you can have faith and trust that money will support you.

My commitment to my friends, followers and clients is this…

I believe that everything in life is written in the energy and I know that the biggest gift that I can offer, is to live a life on purpose, to follow my own desires and to open my heart even further to experiencing the richness of life ….so I will show up, I will do the work and I will lead by example in every way that I can to embody this message.

My message is simple “Go within or go without”.

Take time to experience the stillness of the world and the beat of your heart, your feet on the ground and the sun on your face….live in this world and enjoy it. Don’t get caught up in the illusion that things like social media and teleseminars matter they don’t define you – you define you.

I am available to support people and constantly looking for new ways that I can come forward to teach and inspire those around me.

What I know most of all is that I am excited….excited about business, excited about life, excited about what every single day brings.

I am so truly grateful for everybody who is part of my community, and I thank you all for being here to share this amazing journey.

Happy New Year to you!



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