What it really takes to sell VIP coaching days. | Carly Hope
Feb 11

What it really takes to sell VIP coaching days.

21 lessons that will allow you to finally have the confidence to create, sell and deliver VIP experiences to your clients

Carly coachHi there,

My name is Carly Hope.

In 2011 when I started my coaching business I was undercharging and over delivering. I had no time to myself, no time to restore and refresh after each client and I was exhausted!

I dreamed of working with highly committed and invested clients on VIP days that allowed us to do deep and powerful life changing work, dipping our toes in the sea or pool and using nature to assist important transformations.

This is what coaching looks like for me now, but it took more than raising my rates and hoping for the best! Here are THE most important lessons that allowed me to make my VIP coaching days happen.

Understand what you offer (18)

I had always imagined that gaining confidence would mean shapeshifting into a better version of myself, that I would literally leave the old me behind and grow into a perfect woman. Well that isn’t true!

I found confidence by owning myself for who I am.

This meant accepting the things that I didn’t like, the shadowy part of me and the parts that I didn’t want people to see. Once I picked up all of these pieces and stopped comparing myself to others I realised there was nothing wrong with me, I was free. I was able to be seen and I grew my business and myself.


Own Yourself (3)

If you want to sell at a higher level you need to make sure your feelings around money are healthy and abundant. I spent some time looking not only at my money story but the money story in my family lineage, through this I was able to heal a lot of money limitations that I was carrying around to fully accept abundance.

Understand what you offer

It is really easy to take your time and your gifts for granted, your gifts really make a massive difference to your client’s lives.

Take some time now to write case studies of the last 15 people who you have helped, how far have they come?

Read back over all the testimonials you have ever received. Write down a list of all the outcomes clients really gain from spending time with you. I recommend doing one of these exercises weekly so that you are constantly connected to what your work really offers people.

Understand what you offer

CarlyBlog2Self-care is not just a selfie opportunity for social media! Self-care is an essential part of being a coach. You must take time to nurture yourself in-between clients, in the evenings, at weekends. This stops you taking on client energy that doesn’t serve you and enables you to be in total integrity to serve your clients at your highest ability. This journey is not just about raising your rates it is about shimmying into your greatness in every area of your life.

Imagine it is 6 months from now and you are consistently selling VIP days and high end coaching, ask your future self, ‘What was important about my self-care that allowed me to grow as a coach? What food did I need to eat? What thoughts did I need to think? What did I need to start doing? What did I need to stop doing?”

You already have all of your answers.


Understand what you offer (1)

When You launch your VIP days they will be so much more successful if people are already wondering about how they can work with you. The best way to do that is to share your story.

Use social media not just as a spectator but as a platform to truly share what you have to say.

What are the parts of your story that form your brand? How is your business an expression of you? How can we fall in love with you through hearing what you truly have to say?

Understand what you offer (2)

A woman who is living a wildly wealthy life is always captivating to her clients. Look at every area of your life now and ask; how can I up level? Maybe you can add a morning ritual, spend more time in nature, take a trip to that place you have always wanted to visit, buy fresh flowers, wear matching undies.

You don’t need to travel the world for months on end – just make some small changes to lead you towards a well lived life.

Understand what you offer (3)

Ok, picture this common scenario – you are on path to start selling VIP days and an old client who wants to pay you less shows up, what do you do? Explain how your work is deepening and Invite her to pay your new prices, BUT do not accept her at the old rates. I almost see this as a universal test to see how committed you are to your new way of working at your new prices.

Understand what you offer (5)

This is so important, take a stock of the people that you spend most of your time with, are they positive about money, business, up levelling? If they don’t inspire you it is time to find some people who do. That doesn’t mean you have to divorce your man and delete your oldest friends, but do find a community of people who are doing some big stuff in the world too.

Understand what you offer (4)

As an online coach it can become really easy to find yourself living behind a laptop screen and only communicating via social media and eventually it just feels safer there. So we try to sell our coaching via sales pages and email rather than physically connecting with people.

The truth is if you are selling VIP days you should be picking up the phone, that way you can find out exactly where that person is at.

What are their hopes and dreams and goals? What are their challenges and problems? Who are they and why do they think you can help them? You see VIP days are not about selling your own agenda but holding a space that supports the client’s journey, you will only understand if you can do that if you truly connect with your clients.

Understand what you offer (6)

If you want to sell at premium prices you don’t need to leap to the highest price overnight. Wealth is a muscle to build. I did well by slowly increasing my prices incrementally. Practise asking for your price in the mirror, then double it! Keep stretching your perspective.

Understand what you offer (8)

CarlyBlog6Design your VIP days and literally love them to life. Think about your venue’s, your agenda, which therapies and skills you will use on the day, plan adventures for your clients and then forget all about it. Your client needs a day which is based around her, her desires, her goals, her dreams, a day that dissolves her fears and her challenges.

Invite her into a bespoke experience that is designed just for her, that way you will sell more and your client will gain more.

Understand what you offer (9)

It is so easy to want to over deliver to your VIP clients, after all they have paid a VIP price. Don’t make the mistake of trying to give your client everything you have ever learned in 8 hours, your client will be overwhelmed. Imagine how you most would like your client to feel after spending an intensive day with you? Light, inspired, healed, ready to take action? That will happen when you keep it light but powerful

During My VIP, actual coaching usually take 4 hours and then we spend the afternoon on a planned adventure or activity.

Understand what you offer (10)

On the journey to up-level you might get scared or want to retreat and lower your prices, hold the faith and it will pay off – I promise!

Understand what you offer (11)

Get support, hire a coach, join a mastermind group, have somebody hold you through the up level.


Understand what you offer (12)

It is easier to market your VIP days to a community who you are looking after every day – maybe start a face book group, a meetup group or build an email list that you share your message with. Stay visible.

Understand what you offer (13)

Tell your community that you do VIP days, create posters, share stories of your VIP days (with permission) and let people know how they connect with you about this.

Keep the message alive.

Understand what you offer (14)

Aim to connect with at least 5 new potential clients every single week.

Make sure you are doing the activity in your business that actually creates income.

Understand what you offer (15)

Make a list of all the VIP coaches, authors and speakers that you admire, then write a list of all of the qualities that they have, next notice that you have those exact same qualities too!

Understand what you offer (24)

You will be surprised that the amount of people saying yes stays about the same even when you raise your rates (as long as you are in alignment with your new price) people make buying decisions based on emotions not price!

Your vibe attracts your tribe ☺

Understand what you offer (25)



I am not naturally super organised, but I craft my time every week, because I do not believe that to be successful you need to hustle and work long hours. In fact I am passionate about teaching women how to work in this way so that they can create success without striving and sweating. I take a day for connecting with clients and making invitations, a day delivering coaching and a day working on my business.

Understand what you offer (17)

This really is the most amazing way to serve your people, be paid well, rapidly scale up your business and have plenty of time to go live your life!

If this way of working speaks to you but you still need some help creating a plan. Apply here for your free 60 minute coaching call.

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Understand what you offer (19)

On this call we will help you to get clear on….

  • How to find clients who are ready for this level of service
  • How to sell these days with soul
  • What to include in your days
  • what to charge
  • what is holding you back
  • How to step into your VIP confidence

I have helped hundreds of women to sell these days with ease and i can help you too.

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