hi, I'm carly

Hi, I’m Carly Hope.

I’m a straight talking, EQ-led executive leadership expert for women trying to balance ambition, wellbeing, parenting and modern-day life.

I’m an expert in reconnecting my hardworking, highflying clients on the brink of burnout with their own power, so they can continue to kill it at work and outside of it.

These women really do have it all - the job, family, lifestyle...and the accompanying stress, pressure and doubt.

I kept hearing women leaders tell me they wanted to go all the way in their career but didn't know how to do it without killing themselves and they could not seem to find any female role models in their organisation who had achieved success without huge sacrifice.  

My signature course became the tonic for this.

It's a  proven programme combining a decade of research into the unique paths and pitfalls of the high performing woman with my experience in the corporate environment and the input of both gender consultants and organisational development experts.

Through it, I’ve helped hundreds of executive women break their burnout patterns to reclaim their energy and confidence, and create wildly successful, purpose-filled careers without sacrifice.

We show them how they can speak up, lead and do it all without being someone they are not. We show them how to bring their boldest ideas and talents to the table, they learn to lead, be seen, turn heads and get promoted. 

I now coach both private clients and large organisations, and live with my  family in converted 17th century stables in the country where I work on practicing what I preach.





I believe that women leaders thrive when they are supported

"You wont know how much you need the course until you’ve got it and its going to stay with me for the remainder of my career and Resonate with me forever"

Cadence Willis Head of CSR Sage 

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  •  Powerful leadership at work and in the world 
  •  Boldly sharing ideas and voice 

  •  Living with clarity and purpose 

  •  Protected from burnout and thriving 

  • Speaking up in high stakes situations 
  •  Emotional Resilience 
  •  Balancing wellness and ambition
  •  Unshakeable Confidence 
  •  Mental and emotional health  and vitality