I came to Carly’s programme when I felt like I was working so hard but not really advancing and had a ceiling that I couldn’t get past. 

I felt like my voice was not being heard and I was holding back because it was a male dominated environment.  I wanted to progress my career but I wanted to find a way to do it that was authentic to me. 

During the programme I realised it was me that was holding myself back and I started to see myself in a very different way. 

Carly helped me to see where I was people pleasing, minimising my talents and being good at my job rather than developing my leadership. Carly’s programme taught me to focus on what is important. 

During the programme I started to feel more confident to speak up, share my ideas with my (male) boss. My colleagues around me started to notice me more. 

I started to really lean on my team and fully stepped into being a leader 

Within 6 months I had been promoted to Global Director but it wasn’t just the promotion that I got out of the programme. I have much more self-care, my mood and my mindset is stronger, my home life is thriving. 

You wont know how ,much you need this    until you’ve got it and its going to stay with me for the remainder of my career 

Cadence Willis Head of CSR Sage  

Carly is an extraordinary thinker that has helped me as a a person think through situations and business problems in a different way.

I strongly recommend Carly to anyone who wants to develop female talent either personally or within organisations as the results across many measures have been exponential

Theresa Miller Director of Mortgages HSBC  

I hired Carly at a time when I felt I was struggling in the boardroom. I refer to the skills she taught all the time and they have been fundamental in senior negotiations crucial to our business growth and the expansion of my own career, Since working with her my confidence, esteem, self awareness and sense of enjoyment at work and home have tremendously improved. I have lots  more time with my son and I am working in way that suits me. 

I made more shifts during the programme than I have done for years and years.  Profound turnaround and movement forwards with incredible compassionate, honest and enlightening support.  Would highly recommend taking the plunge! 

Alex Adamson CEO and Co-Founder The Vampires Wife    

Before I joined the academy, I was working so hard at everything but I felt like it might fall apart, I was feeling exhausted and unhappy. 

I was burning myself out working way more than 9–5, evenings, weekends, there were no boundaries. 

I was fast losing heart. – I was neglecting so much of myself. 

I felt stifled, I felt like no matter what I did, I just couldn’t keep on top of work and home.  

That’s when Carly came along.

I didn’t know what to expect in the course and I thought nothing would surprise me, yet I have been surprised every step of the way. I have been delighted, I have laughed and I have cried – I have met parts of myself I didn’t know existed and reintegrated parts of myself that I had forgotten about. 

What I have loved most are getting to know the female power traps –constantly finding out more of myself –  The course is such  an inspired way to learn compared to other leadership courses.  

And of course the coaching calls are so valuable, the support, encouragement, and guidance of Carly and the amazing group of women who will forever be dear to me as my fellow journey partners on the life changing experience. 

Since starting at the academy, I have become so much more of myself and my life and my career has transformed in direct reflection of that. 

Not only has my business gone from strength to strength, my relationship with my husband and kids is better. I feel alive and excited rather than overwhelmed and burnout. 

I have developed daily practices that support me, I am more commercially aware, full of passion and I have achieved so many things. 

Lynda Mangaro, Author and Consultancy owner  

I've been working with Carly for nearly a year. I cannot express enough how valuable it is working with her. The quality of her attention, her truthful reflections, the tools she provides, her immense and diverse knowledge, her complete and total belief in me and my work that goes beyond her working hours

My confidence has increased, in meetings am able to negotiate high value propositions and I really believe in myself.

I am also feeling a sense of calm and clarity that was not there before I started the coaching.

I feel so well held. In the past year I have grown in so many aspects of my life, not just my business and I will forever be grateful for the work we are doing together.

Yael Nevo 

'I have been working with Carly now for six months and recently also participated in academy.

Last year before I started working with her I felt that I couldn't quite get a handle at work. Left to my own devices I was falling back on habitual habits, namely spinning around in lots of different ideas that I wasn't pulling into form

When we first started working together we focussed on all the places that I was getting hit in my core wounds. Poor boundaries, fear of rejection and feeling not good enough. This was an eye opener and clearing this stuff out meant that I gained a newfound strength, as well as motivation and purpose. real momentum, results and progress.

I am focussed on service and purpose rather than on my fear and overwhelm.

Carly mixes strategy and mindset together in a really great way that feels particularly pertinent to being a woman. I had tried a male business coach before and found that I had to unlearn as much as I learned.

 Carly gets what it's like to be a woman in business and how to take care of yourself and your heart in order to create a business that you love and that feels good. From there, everything else follows and flows with grace and ease.'

Since working with Carly I have had exponential results in income, my well-being and my home life. I have started running, I have more time off and I have a plan to continue to scale the without burning out.

Emma Pask CEO

Carly is an exceptional coach and business strategist. She Is insightful, empathetic and innovative. She provides a safe,supportive and exciting space for personal and professionalgrowth. Carly is a thought leader in women’s development and itis a privilege to work with her.

Katie Botten Organisational and Leadership Development 

I joined the academy at a time I was frustrated with work and had lost a connection to myself.

On the outside I looked successful but inside I was having relationship problems and felt deeply dissatisfied.

During the programme I got truthful about how I was living and working and what I really wanted.

 I reconnected with my passion and sense of purpose.

 I started to feel free and alive, I stopped constantly overworking, I started to prioritise myself.

 I  have since reshaped My role within the company and I am working remotely which has been a massive benefit to the company and has allowed me to travel, work on projects important to me and truly thrive.

 Carly You have blessed my life with your wisdom, courage, love, playfulness and presence. There isn’t a week that passes where I’m not reminded of you and the gifts that you have brought to my world.

Claire Glibbery Business Manager 

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