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We take a well proven, deeply personal approach to coaching experienced and emerging leaders in senior positions.


in house leadership academy

I work top down with smart, innovative and fast growing businesses to address the gender gap and create a culture where women can thrive.

If you have female talent that you rate, and are worried about them stalling or leaving before they reach their full potential, let’s work together to create a career changing leadership journey, bespoke to your organisation.

My coaching programmes address the essential and often overlooked training that women need to accelerate their careers. We’re raising a new generation of commercially aware, savvy female leaders who stop holding back and take their organisations further as a result.



Private coaching for executive and emerging leaders

I work directly with high-flying and hard working women who are overstretched, overwhelmed and worryingly on the way to over it, to create personalised coaching plans that restore their passion for the careers they’ve worked so hard for.

We’ll tackle the specific form of burnout that leaves the high performing woman perpetually unfulfilled and exhausted, in spite of what appears to be a highly successful career. Together we’ll get free of the beliefs and behaviours that are grinding you down and reconnect you back to your own source of power.


The Report - Why top performing women struggle at work and what to do about it

We’ve studied and worked directly with thousands of high performing women full of talent and ambition, and have seen the 7 proven energy drains they face play out time and again.

Download our guide to these power pitfalls and how to counteract them to see where your organisation and talent need support.